How to Design an App

Have you got a great idea that you would like to make into an app? Here are some tips about how to do it yourself.

  • Create a diagram of how the user moves through the app – consider apps you’ve enjoyed and found easy to manoeuvre through
  • Test the flow with peers
  • Be flexible with development and design ideas
  • Use online app creators (search in google and consider reviews) and do it yourself or get someone who is computer savvy to do it.
  • Make sure finger hits area has a 2 cm range
  • Keep it simple and fast
  • Keep the user in the loop if something is loading or connecting to the network
  • Consider gesture functions as well as full function options. An example of a gesture function is the back arrow function to go to previous screen.
  • Test on all platforms such as android and iphones
  • Test the app with people after development and make changes, test again before re-developing

Search Engine Tips

Below is some information about some steps you can take yourself to improve your SEO (search engine optimization). The worksheet helps you write effective content for your website that will improve your rankings. I use this worksheet with my clients, so that they can deliver clear and ordered content to me, that will save them money and be effective with google. These free resources can also provide handy tips when you are creating your own website. If you use them or have additional suggestions please let me know so I can learn from you too.

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Print Design Accessibility

There are some simple rules to print design accessibility that make it easier to know if you are meeting basic accessibility standards. Whilst it is very fashionable to use small and light text when designing for print, a lot of people find highly designed material difficult to read. I personally prefer a clear design that is functional and accessible for a wide range of people. It is important that people who have vision difficulties have the opportunity to get the information that everyone else has access to.

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Event Networking Tips

Successful networking is about building honest connections based on mutual generosity.

Here are a few tips I’ve found that could work for anyone, but are particularly helpful for shy people and people who don’t like selling themselves.

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Website Worksheet

Here are some tools to help create the content for your website. It often takes people longer than they think to create the content for their site so it’s worth factoring in a few days or a week to get it complete.

Information for your website –  overall information to create an accurate quote or get your website started. My host suggestion is with eLearn Australia.

Website Content and Navigation Worksheet – use this file to create the navigation and content for your website. It also contains information about making your content search engine friendly.

It is important to remember that a wordpress site needs to be updated every 3-6 months to keep it safe from being hacked. I can give you instructions on how to do this or I can also quote on how much this will cost for me to do it.

Please let me know how you go using these tools and if you have any suggestions for improving them. I’d love to learn from you.

You are also free to use these tools to work with me or other website designers.

Top Tips for Better Photos

Do you want to create better photos? Sometimes there is not the time or budget to get a photographer to take your photos so here are a few tips to enable you to take better photos yourself. These tips will make a big difference to the quality of your photos and design.

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Karen uses visual art, print & web design with individuals and groups using a collaborative approach. This happens using dialogue, workshops and/or training to facilitate creation through to the final product.

Karen mainly works in Turrbal & Jagera Country (Brisbane).

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