Add alt text to images

Alternate text (alt text) is used in both PDF and website images to support people who use audio readers to understand documents that use images. To be enjoyed my more people the alt text needs to be added to images. Adding alt text is an involved process, one that can be assisted by identifying descriptions for the images. Since you know your images and the reason (context) for using them you will be able to identify more accurate for people using audio readers. Doing it this way will save you from your designer completing it.

Firstly go to the image in the finder or folder that you wish to work on. Right click on an image (or similar on a mac) and a menu list will appear. Pick properties at the bottom of the menu (left image).


This will open the properties dialogues box (right image). Under the details tab at the top of the dialogue box, place the alt (put) text next to the title box. You’ll need to let your designer know that you have put this information in or they will use custom settings.

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