How to Design an App

Have you got a great idea that you would like to make into an app? Here are some tips about how to do it yourself.

  • Create a diagram of how the user moves through the app – consider apps you’ve enjoyed and found easy to manoeuvre through
  • Test the flow with peers
  • Be flexible with development and design ideas
  • Use online app creators (search in google and consider reviews) and do it yourself or get someone who is computer savvy to do it.
  • Make sure finger hits area has a 2 cm range
  • Keep it simple and fast
  • Keep the user in the loop if something is loading or connecting to the network
  • Consider gesture functions as well as full function options. An example of a gesture function is the back arrow function to go to previous screen.
  • Test on all platforms such as android and iphones
  • Test the app with people after development and make changes, test again before re-developing

Karen uses visual art, print & web design with individuals and groups using a collaborative approach. This happens using dialogue, workshops and/or training to facilitate creation through to the final product.

Karen mainly works in Turrbal & Jagera Country (Brisbane).

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