Website Worksheet

Here are some tools to help create the content for your website. It often takes people longer than they think to create the content for their site so it’s worth factoring in a few days or a week to get it complete.

Information for your website –  overall information to create an accurate quote or get your website started. My host suggestion is with eLearn Australia.

Website Content and Navigation Worksheet – use this file to create the navigation and content for your website. It also contains information about making your content search engine friendly.

It is important to remember that a wordpress site needs to be updated every 3-6 months to keep it safe from being hacked. I can give you instructions on how to do this or I can also quote on how much this will cost for me to do it.

Please let me know how you go using these tools and if you have any suggestions for improving them. I’d love to learn from you.

You are also free to use these tools to work with me or other website designers.

Karen uses visual art, print & web design with individuals and groups using a collaborative approach. This happens using dialogue, workshops and/or training to facilitate creation through to the final product.

Karen mainly works in Turrbal & Jagera Country (Brisbane).

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