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Alternative Text (Alt Text) serves the purpose of explaining the significance of an image in relation to the document or webpage. It is important for especially for users who rely on audio readers. Writing appropriate alt text is essential for accessibility in both PDF and website images. By understanding the context and purpose of the images, you can create meaningful alt text that is helpful for users who use audio readers.

What to write for accessible graphics & photos

  • Only use 130 characters (approx. 16 words) to put the image in context for a person using an audio reader. It is not useful to give all the details of the image.
  • For example writing ‘Two children with blue & red t-shirts’ doesn’t not explaining the context, instead write ‘Two children standing on different height crates all able to look over fence’ – this explains why the image has been.
  • For logos put in the actual name of the organisation (and don’t add in a the word logo at the end).
  • If an image is only for impact and not to help you understand the information, simply call it a spacer image or something similar.
  • Please feel free to contact me with any feedback and I will update this post.

How to add alternative text to images

  1. Right click on an image (or similar on a mac)
  2. Pick properties at the bottom of the menu. This will open the properties dialogue box
  3. Under the details tab at the top of the dialogue box, place the alt (put) text next to the title box
  4. Let your designer know that you have put this information in or they will use custom settings

Please feel free to contact me with any feedback and I will update this post.

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