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Client Brief Sheets

BRIEF SHEET Web Design Print Design Print Specs When creating your branding, web, and/or graphic design, I look forward to hearing your description of what you envision. Please provide details such as how you want it to feel, the impression you want to give viewers, preferred colours and any

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Pay the rent Kurilpa

PAY THE RENT, Kurilpa I am sharing information on groups where you can donate resources and labour. Dear Settler, Here is a process to help you understand your own place here, especially if you are a settler/occupier. Step 1: Draw up your family tree

Pay the rent Kurilpa2024-05-28T07:43:00+10:00

Group development in a share house

GROUP DEVELOPMENT IN A SHARE HOUSE This information supports all housemates to understand how groups develop. It is useful for long term housemates to support new housemates to integrate them into the household more smoothly. The 5 stages of group development was created by Bruce Tuckman: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning and another stage was

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Group development in a share house

Group development in a share house I have lived in share houses since 1993 and lived in one long-term rental since 2003. Professionally I also work with groups and have recently realised how valuable it could be to consider group development in a share house context. Looking back I can see how considering the group

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Since 2002, I have worked as a freelance community worker, graphic and web designer using a collaborative approach. I have worked as a graphic designer since 1996.