Using a computer can be very taxing on the body. Below is some information about how to set up your computer area with little or no cost.

Set up

  • Monitor at eye level
    • If you have a laptop just get an external keyboard and prop your laptop up on books
  • Eyes are 45-70cms away from the monitor
  • Light is behind you when looking at the monitor
    • Keep your back to windows
  • lower arms and elbows resting on the desk
    • push your keyboard and monitor to the back of the desk to give your arms room to rest

I have been standing behind my desk since early 2013. Changing this has improved my health especially my back

  • all the above ‘Set up’ points still apply
  • raise your desk with bricks
  • use a rubber mat or carpet under your feet
  • move your feet around regularly

If you sit at a chair

  • lower back supported by the chair
    • use pillows and ockie straps if needed
  • thighs horizontal on your chair and feet are flat on the ground
    • lift desk or put books under your feet
    • easy to use mouse that supports your palm comfortably

Here are some extra tips that will reduce the impact of computer use on your body

  • breathe through nose slowly into belly
  • shoulders relaxed, chin back and back straight
  • blink often and look into the distance to exercise your eyes
  • move away from the computer for 5 mins every 40 mins – set up alert to breath, stretch and move about
  • after a day of computer use do stretches for neck, back and hips