Please contact me if you live on Jagera, Yugura, Yugarpul & Turrabul Country & want to collaborate on future Grow, Forage, Feed Calendars for this area. If you live elsewhere and want to create a calendar for your place, feel free to collaborate with me or just create your own. I’d love to see what you come up with.

Grow, Forage, Feed Calendar

Grow, Forage, Feed is a yearly calendar  aimed to increase our capacity to grow our own food. There is also a hope that we find the value in care for and know the very local place we live in.

I’ve also created a google calendar to keep track of local significate dates, it’s public if you’d like to use it. Please let me know if I’ve missed something. Meanjin Calendar

Date: 2022-2023
Client: Our Community
Role: Co-ordinator & Graphic Design

To contribute to the continuation of this project please consider donation to a local project, see below suggestions.

Please see below if you’d like to receive a professionally print a copy.

Feel free to download or print a digital copy yourself.