[two_third] Kinda out queer folks is for women and non-binary people who are coming out as gay, questioning whether they’re lesbian or are still determining what it means for them to be a part of the queer community.
Date: Feb 2022
Client: Colle L
Role: Mentoring around small groups organising and sustainability

‘Working with Karen to support a community grassroots group, I was amazed at the wide personal network that Karen brings. I learned so much from Karen’s experience and their learnings from working with other activists in the community. Karen embodies the spirit of work that they do and it is inspiring. Karen is really deeply embedded in their community, and the capacity to make change that comes from this is really unique. From Karen’s expertise I was challenged to consider how the project could better serve my community, particularly those who are not given as much of a voice. I was supported to understand and resolve the challenges I was facing, and to make a plan to move forward. Because of our work together I was able to finally see a way forward and feel supported, in a way I had not before. Karen has so much wisdom to share and I would recommend them to anyone.’ – Colle