Pay the rent: Kurilpa

Below are suggestions on ways you can make steps to paying for occupying the stolen lands of the Jagera, Yugura, Yugarpul & Turrabul People. You can contribute financial donations, volunteer or join their online campaigns. This list is a work in progress. Please contact me if you have anything to add to this list.

“If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” ― Lilla Watson

Brisbane Aboriginal-Sovereign Embassy @brisbaneaboriginal.embassymedia · Community

Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy

BASE seeks to raise awareness of Aboriginal sovereignty, provide sanctuary for Aboriginal people and a place for ceremony. Meetings 6pm Wednesdays.

Frontier War Stories

frontier war stories
Turrbal TribE The Traditional Owners and Custodians of Brisbane


The Turrbal Tribe comprises direct descendants of the original owners and custodians of Brisbane. The beautiful ancestral homelands of the Turrbal Tribe stretch north from Elimbah Creek, south to the Logan River, and inland as far as Moggill.

Deebing Creek Justice - Jarjumbah Protection Site

Deebing Creek Justice - Jarjumbah Protection Site
Deebing Creek is a crime scene, Yuggera


The Yuggera Tribal Peoples are the Original Sovereigns, Firstborn of these lands, Meanjin (seq), The Yuggera & Neighbouring Sister Tribes occupied the south qld regional areas … It was the First Peoples that kept the lands and waterways disease and pollution free for many centuries.

Yugambeh Museum, Language and Heritage Research Centre

Yugambeh Museum, Language and Heritage Research Centre
Firestick Alliance

Firesticks Alliance

Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation is an Indigenous led network and aims to re-invigorate the use of cultural burning by facilitating cultural learning pathways to fire and land management.

Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance - WAR

Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance - WAR
End Toxic Prisons Blow Up The Pipeline

End Toxic Prisons

‘End Toxic Prisons – Block the Pipeline’ believes that the youth who will be targeted and disproportionately affected by the development of this state sponsored carceral project will predominantly be First Nations girls and boys.

Inside Out Australia: LGBTIQ+ Prisoner Solidarity Network

Inside Out Australia LGBTIQ+ Prisoner Solidarity Network

“as said by many – best thing you can do for me is to know your history & who you are”

Future Black - Decolonising Design Dear Settlers Step 1: Draw up your family tree Step 2: Map out who has title over land Step 3: Develop your strategy to get this land handed back to its true custodians