‘Working with Karen Batten as a designer and collaborative artists is a really important professional exchange for me. Karen uses a broad range of consultative and collaborative methods to create work, this is the perfect kind of engagement I needs from artists and designers who I work with.”

Lenine Bourke
“Whenever I have a problem, a big idea, a very short time frame and limited resources to make something amazing happen it is always Karen that I call. Each time Karen has been responsive, respectful and honest in what we can achieve with what time and resources we have available to us. However Karen has never asked us to scale back an idea, rather been very supportive to find a way to handle this idea and meet the need. Karen is my first choice in designer.’
Lenine Bourke

Walking Together

Take a curated tour around the city with a child as your guide. The Walking Neighbourhood offers participants and audiences a new way to see and experience places and spaces. Children are in control of developing the artistic encounter, guiding an audience, navigating the physical space and sharing their experiences of autonomy and their world, all the while creating new friendships.

Curation & Graphic Design

Lenine and I worked together on design for Contact Inc, The Walking Neighbourhood, Art from the Margin as well as other projects. We worked in a collaborative way to find solutions to big idea, in a short time frame and limited resources.

COPYRIGHT: Lenine Bourke
YEAR: 2012 – 2016

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