Workshops & Conversations

Community Responses to Violence (online Panel)

This will be a panel conversation between Carly Baque, Anne-lise Ah-fat, Karen Batten and Dương Ocean Đặng’

The aim of this discussion was to share our learnings and reflections around responding to violence, harm and abuse within our communities by sharing stories and tips.

Presented in 2021.

Beyond 000: Skills in de-escalating crisis Workshop 2

This transformative justice (TJ) workshop series is presented by Karen Batten and Dương Ocean Đặng .

Through participatory exercises, we will guide people to critically unpack our personal reactions to common crisis experiences like self-harm, intimate violence and state violence.

Presented in 2019.

Beyond 000: Strategies for community safety Workshop 1

This free workshop explores these questions and helps us think through strategies for building community capacity to reduce the demand for emergency police responses.

Through participatory exercises, we will guide people to create their own resources such as asset-maps and pod-maps.

Presented in 2019.

These workshop draw heavily from the

Creative Interventions Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Stop Interpersonal Violence

Creative Interventions sought to make support and safety more accessible, stop violence at early stages of abuse, and create possibilities for once abusive individuals and communities to evolve towards healthy change and transformation. Established in 2004 by Mimi Kim, the project aimed to place knowledge and power among those most impacted by violence.

Workshop & Panel Archive

Decolonising gender and contending with the legal system Panel.

The cis-sexist and white supremacist textures of colonisation has created and supported a gender binary system that has led to the discrimination and systemic oppression of trans, gender diverse and two-spirit people.

How do we push back? What are the tools and frameworks we need right now?

Presented in 2017.

Working with people who cause harm to hold them accountable.

Community responses to violence is about restoring relationships within people who cause harm and their communities.

The work includes learning about consent and healthy relationships, and creating a network of mutual support to work on community responses.

Presented in 2012.

What is the value and purpose of wom*n’s only spaces to the trans communities?

A time to hear from trans people on their inclusion in wom*n’s services and the feminist movement. A space often not safe.

This panel aims to create a safe space where the voices of trans women, trans men and gender queer people can be heard and learnt from.

Presented in 2010.

Gender Diversity: Where do you go when you don’t fit in? A community Forum

This panel was inspired by the lack of safe violence support for people with a trans experience.

Panel includes: Suejay Kentlyn (they/them) from University of Qld, Linda Hibbert (she/her) from Freedom! Gender Identity Assoc. Inc. and Jake Lewis (he/him) from Hepatitis Council of Qld.

Presented in 2010.