Like all networking and marketing efforts consider how you can give real value for others and what you want to share with the world. Below are a few ways to use social media.

  • Share your own story – what are you working on as the coordinator
  • Share your client story – you can share how your product impacts on their work or life
  • Behind the scene – your process and how you work, what you’re working on
  • New things that you are learning for your business that could be of interest to others

Blog with

  • a distinct voice
  • fantastic advise
  • amusing videos

How to use Social Media (Hoot Suite and other platforms can manage all your social media profiles in one place)

  • Facebook profile – keep it fun and/or personal (not too personal make sure it is still relevant to your readers)
  • Facebook Business Page – give things away of interest and keep it as fun and interesting as possible
  • Twitter – 140 character limit, link to your blog for more info or just keep is short and snappy
  • LinkedIn – is a space where your work and professional life can be showcased
  • WordPress blog – have a RSS feed on your blog so others can subscribe and when you post in your blog put it on your appropriate social media