Hope For Health On the ABC.

A short segment was released on ABC TV nationally and on iView, celebrating the successes of the ladies at the forefront of the Hope For Health program and their vision for a local health retreat in Arnhem land. If you’d like to see the full episode of Australia Wide, go to the ABC website.


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You Can Help Too!

Donate now and help fight the Indigenous health crisis

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Hope for Health

We are calling upon each and every one of YOU to join us within your own unique capacity, to fundraise for our next major step, a Trial Health Retreat on Elcho Island in 2016.

This is the pioneering step toward a permanent Indigenous run Health Retreat in Arnhem Land. It will give 30 Yolngu people the opportunity to experience good health their home country, Yolngu style! This offers a powerful opportunity to bring together direct experience with education, to break the cycles of addiction and malnutrition and thus catalyse lifestyle transformation.

We need to raise $100,000 to make this happen. This will cover the program development and retreat expenses. Click here to find out more.

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