Do you want to create better photos? Sometimes there is not the time or budget to get a photographer to take your photos so here are a few tips to enable you to take better photos yourself. These tips will make a big difference to the quality of your photos and design.

  • Consider the size of photo your camera is taking and how you want to use them.This is a rough guide. Often cameras have a small, medium or large photo setting. If you have enough room on your card, it’s worth doing the largest size to be safe.
    • Banner and large signage = Raw files preferred
      (otherwise 35mb can go to 700cm)
    • A4 images = 5mb
    • 5cm x 7cm = 230kb
    • Web images = most sizes.
  • Hold your hand steady
  • Consider the lighting
    • Have the light source (e.g. the sun) behind you, so that the light is on the subject of photo
    • If outdoors, take the photo early morning or late afternoon if possible
    • Use a flash when outside if the faces are in shadow
    • Use what light you have – turn on a light or move outside
  • Composing photo
    • Move in close to subject (to focus in)
    • Get down to the same level as your subject
    • Keep arms and legs within the frame
    • Move around or ask the subject to move so you get the photo you want
    • Use a plain background (to highlight what you are focusing on)
  • Take a few photos
    • Try vertical and horizontal shots
    • Use unusual angles
    • Try “Rule of Thirds” which is when you imagine the picture is divided into three sections horizontally and vertically. Place your subject on one of the lines or joints. To focus the camera properly, aim it first on the subject in the centre of picture, press the button down part way to focus the camera, then while keeping it pressed down move the camera so the subject is slightly off centre. Finally, press the button all the way down to take the photo. This will make sure your subject is in focus. 

      If you think of any more tips or have suggestions feel free to let me know. I’d love to hear from you…