To ensure that you are receiving all the services that you require in creating your website, below are forms that should be considered before Karen begins the development of your website. These are 3 easy steps to follow for ease and efficiency.

Importantly these steps will increase your listings on search engines such as google. The more organised the information is delivered, the more money you save as all changes to content and structure of the website are charged on top of the quoted price.

These free resources also provide handy tips when creating your own website.

If listing high on search engines is important read the DIY search engine optimisation (SEO) document first. If it isn’t important to you, then go straight to step 3.
Step 1 – Website Information (organisation, information, colour and design etc)
Step 2 – Your Website Content (information to improve the SEO of your websites content)
Step 3 – Website Pages Worksheet (to provide clear content for website pages required, please make one worksheet for each page you require)
Step 4 – please list all the special features you want like online shopping, membership login etc.