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DIY marketing worksheet

Knowing how to most effectively and professionally market your project is vital to the success of your venture.
These documents seek to extend your understanding of marketing processes which need to be considered for most effective outcomes. Making it possible for you to do most of your marketing work for yourself.

Free do it yourself marketing worksheet. Updated Nov ’13
This document is designed in word so you can add your own notes to creating your own marketing plan that has real value to your clients and service users.

Public speaking tips


  • Take plenty of time to write the speech
  • Know the content so well that you can do the speech without your notes
  • Sleep well and do breathing exercises or meditate beforehand
  • What have you liked about others speaks?
  • How can you put that into your speech?
  • Think about how you want to respond if something goes wrong during your speech. It really isn’t a big deal if something goes wrong or if you lose your place. Be calm and continue on. People are unlikely to remember or care if you make a mistake so just improvise.

Write hand written notes such as

  • relax
  • pause
  • pay attention
  • slow down
  • calm down

Fake it and you will become it

(Check out ‘Amy Cuddy: your body language shapes who you are’ on Ted talks).

  • relax,  breath slow and deep through your nose, keep hands calm and relax your shoulders
  • show how enthusiastic you are about what you are sharing
  • look like a confidence knowledgeable speaker with eye contact and varied tone

Think the best of the audience

  • most audiences are kind and want you to do well
  • think about people who care about you and imagine them near you

When you are not speaking and you are in the audience consider showing some care and be an active audience member by projecting care, enthusiasm and most of all your attention.

One way to tell the story could be to share your experience and background, share the discovery and then share the benefits.


Social media starting ideas

Like all networking and marketing efforts consider how you can give real value for others and what you want to share with the world. Below are a few ways to use social media.

  • Share your own story – what are you working on as the coordinator
  • Share your client story – you can share how your product impacts on their work or life
  • Behind the scene – your process and how you work, what you’re working on
  • New things that you are learning for your business that could be of interest to others

Blog with

  • a distinct voice
  • fantastic advise
  • amusing videos

How to use Social Media (Hoot Suite and other platforms can manage all your social media profiles in one place)

  • Facebook profile – keep it fun and/or personal (not too personal make sure it is still relevant to your readers)
  • Facebook Business Page – give things away of interest and keep it as fun and interesting as possible
  • Twitter – 140 character limit, link to your blog for more info or just keep is short and snappy
  • LinkedIn – is a space where your work and professional life can be showcased
  • WordPress blog – have a RSS feed on your blog so others can subscribe and when you post in your blog put it on your appropriate social media

Event Networking Tips

Successful networking is about building honest connections based on mutual generosity.

Here are a few tips I’ve found that could work for anyone, but are particularly helpful for shy people and people who don’t like selling themselves.

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